Thursday, February 7, 2008

Apple MacBook Air

MacBook Air Laptop Apple New Thin

Yesterday's Macworld 2008 Keynote by Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air, Apple's attempt to move into the greener computing sphere. Up to now, despite a pared-down aesthetic that would appear to lend itself well to an environmental approach, Apple hasn't appeared to be too concerned over green--they took some criticism from environmentalists for using toxic chemicals in the iPhone.

But they're getting to it now, with the introduction of this superthin, 13-inch laptop. The $1,800 MacBook Air feature a recyclable, mercury-free aluminum frame; a mercury- and arsenic-free display; PVC-free cables; and it comes in recyclable, pared-down packaging. Coming in at just three pounds means, presumably, fewer materials used in manufacture. It's also ENERGY STAR-rated and earned a silver rating from EPEAT. And energy efficiency means longer battery life--a single charge will get you five hours of worktime.

More info is available at the Apple website and at PC Magazine's review. I found an interesting tutorial here: MacInTouch

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