Thursday, February 28, 2008

Countersniping gadgets

C-Sniper is a counter weapon for the detection and neutralization of enemy snipers before they can engage with US Forces.
The enemy snipers may be operating both with, and without telescopic sights, and other optical systems in high cluttered urban environments. The C-Sniper system will operate day and night from a moving military vehicle and provide the operator with sufficient information to make a timely engagement decision. Once the decision is made, the C-Sniper will provide data and control to point and track the on-board weapon (provided in DARPA's Crosshairs system) on the selected target. The final decision to fire the weapon will be left to the operator as required per the rules of engagement. During operation, the C-Sniper must be eye safe for personnel on the vehicle and near the vehicle.
The main objectives for the C-sniper program are:

  1. Detect enemy snipers carrying weapons before they fire a shot. Key objective is to determine where the shot may come from rather than where it came from;
  2. Develop techniques to reject clutter and maximize probability of correctly detecting and locating the target;
  3. Reduce system design complexity minimizing moving parts while maximizing robustness;
  4. Integrate C-Sniper with DARPA's Crosshairs on military vehicles.

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