Thursday, February 7, 2008

Nokia's Eco Line Gadgets


At the showfloor of the Greener Gadgets show in New York City today, Nokia showed off a prototype of what they call an "eco-sensor." The system consists of two devices: a phone and a watch-like sensor. Both devices are Nokia's experiment with next-gen materials and "eco lifestyle" features. Nokia reps said they are working with printed circuitry and renewable materials for the devices. The phone can be worn around your neck and charged via small solar panels. The watch device gives readouts on atmospheric conditions, weather, and solar radiation. The watch also gives biofeedback on the wearer's vital signs and other stats.

Nokia also displayed an environmentally friendly cell phone called the 3110 Evolve. The phone is made from 50 percent post-consumer materials and is 80 percent recyclable. Also, the charger has a low-power feature that draws very little electricity when you leave it plugged in. For now, the phone will be available only in Europe, and will ship in Q1 of this year.


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