Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Telekinesis: Free iPhone Remote

Telekinesis is an open-source application from Google, that will allow you to do just this. Install the software on your Mac, connect to it with your iPhone, and perform some or all of these functions:

  • Stream music and videos from your computer
  • Screen capture with mouse click and basic typing support
  • Simple iTunes Remote control
  • Browse your files
  • Run applescript remotely
  • iSight image capture
  • Basic Spotlight search
  • Easily create and add more applications
How to use it:
  • Run iPhone Remote (Requires OS X 10.4)
  • Choose a web login/password
  • Open to https://:5010 from your iPhone. If you want to access your computer from outside of your local network, you may need to configure your router or firewall to support it.
You can find more here

To control your computer with your iPod touch there is also UltraVNA.
You can find it here: UVNC
Watch these videos first:

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