Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wireless LAN systems of 2008

Best-in-class networking products receive honors for 2008. The top winners in the Wireless LAN systems category are:

Cisco Unified Wireless Network
For network managers who need uptime – and isn't that everyone? – behavior analysis is fast becoming a critical tool. Based on reader feedback, the MARS system from Cisco handily won our gold medal, thanks to its ability to detect network threats of all stripes, malware and misconfigurations alike.

SonicWall Secure Wireless Solution
The Secure Wireless Solution from SonicWall grabbed the silver in wireless LANs. The solution, which comes fully integrated into the company's enterprise-class firewall gateway appliance, was applauded for reliability and security.

Aruba Wireless LAN
Combining the multiple components needed to secure a wireless network into a whole, the wireless LAN system from Aruba Networks earned high marks all around and succeeded in collecting the bronze medal in our 2008 Product Leadership Awards.

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