Saturday, February 9, 2008

Let's Meet a Romanian eBay Scammer

The past few years have seen an increase in eBay and phishing scams out of Romania. Our resident scambusters have privately been tracking one operation in particular - a group of young Romanians that have been scamming people around the world for thousands of dollars over the past year.

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This kind of people should be punished very hard. I'm a Romanian and I feel ashame about these bastards that enjoy stealing money without any shame. Our TV news are full with these guys getting caught by the police, after they have scammed and then bought cars and apartements. Today is not so easy to steal online without beeing traced and police has its own departement that put these guys at a cold place. Their sentences are greater 3 years so they have plenty of time to be "phished in the ass" in prison :D.
I'll give you an advice: "Never, but never, buy online something from eBay from a Romanian, Chinese or Nigerian. You have 90% chances be scammed."
I liked a comment that I found on digg:"
"60.3% of online criminality comes from the USA. 1.6% of the same criminality comes from Romania. The day when I'll not receive in my mail zillions of SPAM and virus attacks from the USA and other Western countries, I'll accept putting a tag like 'Romanian scammer'. A scammer is a scammer, bringing in his/hers nationality is pointless. Or is it? 60% or the guys working to secure Microsoft applications (in the last 2 years) are Romanians, that's why Microsoft's security improved in the last couple of years. But they still have to deal with idiots (I'll not bring up their nationality) that are too lazy to update signature files and such. They have to deal with morons that give personal information to strangers and they have to deal with half-brainers who click on any friggin' button available when using sensitive information. Or online money. So yes, bring the scammers down. But first grow a brain for half of (insert country name here)'s morons who happen to buy and sell online. "- blindshutter

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