Sunday, February 10, 2008

Spanish Police Arrested 76 online scam suspects

MADRID (AFP) - Police in Spain have detained 76 people acrosss the country as part of what they described Sunday as their biggest-ever probe into Internet fraud.
The suspects defrauded their victions of over three million euros (four million US dollars), police said in a statement.
Part of the suspects allegedly offered big-ticket items like television sets or cars for sale online and then disappeared with the money without ever delivering the goods.
Other suspects are believed to have illegally obtained the codes of online bank accounts and then carried out money transfers in their favour.
The majority of those who were detained, 47, were Spaniards. Five Ukrainian nationals, five Guineans, four Romanians, two Russians and two Moroccans were among the remaining detained suspects.
Police said Internet fraud was rising rapidly due to the weak penalties applied and the little equipment that is needed to carry it out and they urged great caution with online transactions and purchases.

Source: AFP news

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